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Sign up for our NEWSLETTER and be in the know about PRODUCT DISCOUNTS and SALES!


Island Mist is inspired by our home on Block Island. We hope you will find a piece of this paradise in our products.


Give the gift of beauty and sense of well-being that comes with great skin.


We believe that healthy skin is a cornerstone of both beauty and an all around healthy lifestyle.

Welcome June! This month we’re featuring our Baby products.

From Baby Powder to Baby Bath Bag, we’ve got the all-natural skin care solutions that you love for the little one in your life. On sale!



Thank you for your support at this unprecedented time for us all. Because of the virus, some of our product bottles are currently in short supply. We are still able to fulfill orders for most items, however some items may differ from what is pictured – rest assured, that the quantity and the quality will be the same.

What you put ON your body is as important as what you put IN it.
Johanna Ross

Founder, Island Mist Natural Bath & Body

Shopping for a gift? Watch our gift ideas video below:

Welcome to Island Mist Natural Bath & Body

Our all-natural skin care products are hand-crafted, plant-based, completely FREE of chemicals and they work!

We believe what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put in your body. That’s why we hand-make all of our natural bath and body products in small batches, using all-natural, high quality ingredients.

We respect the health of the environment, as well as the health of our customers. This is why we choose to make our hand-crafted, plant-based products 100% free of chemicals, dyes, and synthetic fragrances.

Johanna Ross, the creator of Island Mist, has been a certified herbalist and aromatherapist for many years. She has specially formulated Island Mist products to enhance your skin’s natural beauty.

Treat yourself to the pleasures of our fine natural skin care products.

Let healthy skin be a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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Come visit us at the Block Island Farmer’s Market May thru October!

Here are some beautiful photos taken on Block Island recently… click on one of the above to scroll through more!

ISLAND MIST NATURAL BATH & BODY is located on an island, and we are therefore reliant on the weather, the tides, the winds, and the visibility to get our products off in the mail to you! Please bear with us if your order takes a bit longer than usual to get to you. Thank you!



Reinvigorate your skin and face for a glowing and youthful look. Whether you have dry or oily skin, our handmade, chemical-free facial cleansers and moisturizers will leave your skin refreshed and healthy.


Treat and pamper yourself with Island Mist herbal bath salts, powders, oils, and body scrubs. Rejuvenate your skin with our all-natural herbal bath products, with no chemicals, dyes or synthetic fragrances.


Naturally heal your skin and improve its health with lavender salves, eucalyptus chest rubs, and much more. Treat your skin and recover faster with our handmade healing products.


We know you care about everything you use on Baby’s skin. That’s why we created this all-natural line of skin care products using only the very best, all-natural plants, herbs, and oils. Keep baby safe with a chemical-free solution.


Discover the perfect gift for your friends, family, loved ones, or treat yourself. Our spa gift baskets and books are filled with a variety of natural herbal bath products, herbal facial products, and aromatherapy products.


Give your dogs the same care, and all-natural, plant-based solutions that you’ve come to love for yourself! Johanna has carefully formulated these products to address common issues when you have your best friend interacting with the world.

“For decades my fingertips would split, bleed, and cause lots of pain. I tried all sorts of lotions, salves, etc. and nothing worked. About two years ago a business associate gave me a jar of the Healing Salve. I was amazed at how well it worked to control the splitting. This was the first year in my life I had no splitting. You make a great product. Thank you.” – Stephen Peiser
“I have been using Island Mist Products for more than 10 years and they all rock! Healing Salve, Massage Oil, I really love the Sinus Steam for decongestant. They are all really effective and authentic. Once you try them you don’t want to go back because of the thought and effort that has gone into formulating each uniquely intended effect. I am a true fan!” – Paul Cunningham
“I have used Island Mist products for a few years now; I have a habit of contracting poison ivy in the summer and I swear by the Poison Ivy Relief. It works wonders and has saved me during busy work hours. It has an herbal scent which I like, well over an alcohol one. I get instant gratification as soon as it’s applied. I also have a friend who uses these products religiously. They’re great!” – Emily Butcher