Frequently Asked Questions…

Ever wonder about what’s in our products, how we make them, why we use any particular ingredients, or what Block Island is like, or how Island Mist Natural got started? On this page you’ll find answers to those questions and more! Scroll down and watch a short video answer to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions…

How does the location of Block Island lend itself to what Island Mist Natural products are?

Where can we find Island Mist Natural Bath & Body products?

What was the first product you ever created?

How did you learn about herbs?

How do you address the resistance to, or non-belief of herbal solutions?

What’s your philosophy on Health & Herbal Remedies?

How do you help people using Herbal Solutions?

Which products are used the most, and what are the many uses of the Healing Salve?

What is a typical “Day in the life” of Johanna Ross like, & can you tell us a little bit about your dogs?

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