Healing Salve

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Healing Salve soothes and relieves all kinds of skin irritations. Safe and effective for sores, cuts, burns, rashes, or any other skin ailments. Some customers sing the praises of this scar healing cream for preventing stretch marks, while others use the salve for dry, chapped lips. Safe for face and eyes. With the extra added benefit of lavender essential oil to soothe and heal, you can’t go wrong with our multi-use healing salve.

Ingredients: Olive oil, beeswax, vitamin E, plantain, calendula, chickweed, cleavers, marshmallow, essential oils of lavender


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7 reviews for Healing Salve

  1. Elizabeth Owens

    I am a mixed media jewelry artisan and designer and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this salve I use it on everything from my cracking fingers in the winter,to using it on boo boos for my daughter- I even use it on my furbabies!!

  2. Cara

    This is a heal all! Works better than the ointment you get at the store. Even better to know your skin is soaking up all natural components. It’s one of my favorite gifts to give and a product I use ALL the time.

  3. kate lewis

    If you are going to buy one thing on the Island Mist site, buy healing salve. I have been using it for over 10 years. It is good on all body parts and i mean ALL.

  4. Devett Thompson

    great for all skin irritation

  5. Channing Fournier

    This product is incredible! I have been using it for over 5 years now. It works for any skin irritation. I have used it for the “irish chicken skin” and in all my life it is truly the only product that has helped this issue.

    • susan_admin

      Thank you all for the raving reviews!

      We are so glad you are enjoying our products. We strive to create products that provide natural healing benefits and are constantly looking for ways to offer new natural products to our customers.

      We are so glad you are enjoying our products. We strive to create products that provide natural healing benefits.

      The entire line of Ocean products is on sale through next week!

      Island Mist is in the process of creating a stronger web presence, and would love to be able to use some of our customer feedback on sites such as Etsy and E-bay. Would it be OK to use your wonderful comments from time to time? Of course, we would not use your full name. Possibly your first name and initial.
      Please let us know.


      Johanna and Susan at Island Mist

  6. Susan Rivard

    I first discovered this product this summer on the island.

    I instantly fell in in love with not only the scent but how it has healed many problems I have had with my sensitive skin.

    I think I bought all the stock you had out in every size!

    Now I can’t live without it in my daily routine!

    Just ordered the chest rub and look forward to receiving it,,

    So glad you have web site!!

    Thank you for you great products!!


  7. Madeline

    heals everything! Soothes dry skin and psoriasis , heals cuts scrapes burns, has lightened scars and I swear it has even helped pesky pimples as well! I’ve had this jar for years now and I couldn’t imagine not keeping it in my medicine cabinet always

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