Ranger’s Soothing Cleanser


Soothe your best pals irritations with this healing cleanser: safe to use on ears, paws, nose or any irritated area.  

This multi-use spray is good for cleaning ears, paws, and noses. It works on allergies between pads, cleansing raw, irritated skin, dry noses, sore ears, hurting paws, and any bothersome areas. Not just a cleanser, it gives quick soothing relief to hot spots, or itchy, irritated skin. Ranger’s Soothing Cleanser works well in conjunction with Ellie’s Doggie Salve – clean with the spray, then follow with the salve.

Ingredients: Witch hazel, distilled water, aloe vera, vitamin E, rosemary antioxidant, bladderwrack, comfrey, goldenrod, horsetail, lavender, marshmallow, st. john’s wort, thyme, white willow, essential oils of lavender and tea tree.

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