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Salt Scrub

(3 customer reviews)



Exfoliates, detoxifies, and moisturizes skin all at once. 

HOW TO USE:  Take a small amount in hand and gently rub onto skin.  Not safe to use on the face or eyes.

INGREDIENTS:  Sea salt, avocado oil, evening primrose oil, jojoba oil and apricot oil

  • CITRUS:  essential oils of lime, orange and tangerine
  • LAVENDER:  lavender essential oil
  • MINT:  essential oils of peppermint & spearmint


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3 reviews for Salt Scrub

  1. Laura Mrugalski

    I bought a continer of this scrub during a summer trip to Block Island and in no time at all my elbows are soft as a baby’s bottom. Nice job! I am here on the website now buying more. I may try this stuff on my feet!

    • Johanna

      Hi Laura, Wow! We’re so excited to receive your kind comment! So glad the scrub worked so well for your elbows! Yes, try it on your feet and let us know – we also love to put our Body Butter on our dry feet, too!
      Thanks again!
      Johanna, Barbi and the Island Mist Natural team

  2. Angie Parker

    I used to work at a spa that carried this line, and everything is AMAZING…especially this scrub. 5 stars. The best I have ever used…hands down.

    • susan_admin


      Thanks so much for your raving review!

      We strive to create products that provide natural healing benefits and are thrilled when we receive comments like yours.

      If you have not yet tried the new Ocean line -the entire line is on sale through next week!

      Island Mist is in the process of creating a stronger web presence, and would love to be able to use customer feedback on sites such as Etsy and E-bay. Would it be OK to use your wonderful comment from time to time? Of course, we would not use your full name. Possibly your first name and initial.
      Please let us know.


      Johanna and Susan at Island Mist

  3. Liz Couchon

    I bought the small size of this a few weeks ago and I wish I had bought the large! I love this–it smells fantastic, holds its “scrubbiness”, and works really well. My kids love it too, but I hate sharing it with them ;). One tip is to use a little spoon or paddle to dispense it, and before you do, make sure you stir it up so the oils mix in with the salt again. All that naturalness has a tendency to settle.

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