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Super Lotion

(6 customer reviews)



This silky, creamy lotion goes on easily and soaks into the skin quickly.  Our Peppermint & Orange lotion is best in the morning for a little wake up, while our Lavender & Lemon is best at night to relax.

HOW TO USE:  Apply to skin as needed.  Try applying after a shower or bath when skin is still wet.  Safe for hair.

INGREDIENTS:  Coconut oil, distilled water, emulsifying wax, grapefruit seed extract, vegetable glycerin and essential oils.


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6 reviews for Super Lotion

  1. Phil Miller

    I haven’t used any other after shower daily body lotion for I think it’s been 6 years now. Lavender/lemon is the bomb folks. Get it !!!!!

    • Johanna

      Thanks, Phil – we’re so glad that you love the Lavender & Lemon Super Lotion! We do too, in fact, it’s a staff favorite. Thanks for your kind review!
      -the Island Mist Team

  2. Ila Schulman

    Great lotion! It absorbs quickly- softens my skin, smells great and best of all? NOT STICKY!

  3. Amy

    ***** Every time I put some of this lotion on my hands and spread it on my neck and arms it ALWAYS makes me feel better! It is such a wonderful scent and has a way of just perking up my morning! I highly encourage you to try it!

  4. Shelley Prebenda

    I LOVE this lotion. Purchased a bottle on Block Island, and I use it for face, hands, body. It has a wonderful scent with gentle, smooth, hydrating consistency. It has a oily feel upon initial application – great for dry skin – then absorbed easily and readily.
    My sister liberally applied this lotion after Poison Ivy exposure and discovered soothing relief.
    (The last of my initial supply confiscated by security at the airport check point. I was crushed).

  5. Christina schmidt

    A Great lotion for Your Hands was on the Island this past August and bought it a 5oz bottle

  6. kim mclaren

    great lotion — light, smooth and great scent

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