Reviews & Testimonials


“For decades my fingertips would split, bleed, and cause lots of pain. I tried all sorts of lotions, salves, etc. and nothing worked. About two years ago a business associate gave me a jar of the Healing Salve. I was amazed at how well it worked to control the splitting. This was the first year in my life I had no splitting. You make a great product. Thank you.”

Stephen Peiser

“I have been using Island Mist Products for more than 10 years and they all rock! Healing Salve, Massage Oil, I really love the Sinus Steam for decongestant. They are all really effective and authentic. Once you try them you don’t want to go back because of the thought and effort that has gone into formulating each uniquely intended effect. I am a true fan!”

Paul Cunningham

“I have used Island Mist products for a few years now; I have a habit of contracting poison ivy in the summer and I swear by the Poison Ivy Relief. It works wonders and has saved me during busy work hours. It has an herbal scent which I like, well over an alcohol one. I get instant gratification as soon as it’s applied. I also have a friend who uses these products religiously. They’re great!”

Emily Butcher
Watch Paul Cunningham as he talks about some of his Island Mist Natural favorite products.