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Sign up for our NEWSLETTER and be in the know about PRODUCT DISCOUNTS and SALES!


Treat yourself to the pleasures of Island Mist Natural’s exclusive handmade line of health and beauty products. Let healthy skin be a part of your healthy lifestyle.


Reinvigorate all of your skin, face and body, and get a glowing and youthful look. Whether you have dry or oily skin, our handmade, chemical-free facial cleansers and moisturizers will leave your skin refreshed and healthy.


Treat and pamper yourself with Island Mist Natural's herbal bath salts, powders, oils, and body scrubs. Rejuvenate your skin with our plant-based herbal bath products, made in small batches, with no chemicals, dyes or synthetic fragrances.


Naturally heal your skin and improve its health with lavender salves, eucalyptus chest rubs, and much more. Treat your skin with our hand-crafted products and recover faster with our healing products all made in small batches.


We know you care about everything you use on Baby’s skin. That’s why we created this all-natural line of skin care products using only the very best, all-natural plants, herbs, and oils. Keep baby safe with a chemical-free solution.


Discover the perfect gift for your friends, family, loved ones, or treat yourself. Our spa gift baskets and books are filled with a variety of natural herbal bath products, herbal facial products, and aromatherapy products.


Your dogs deserve the same care and all-natural, plant-based solutions that you choose for yourself! Our carefully-formulated pet products address common issues your best friend may encounter when interacting with the world.